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Data report displayed with MS MapPoint®


sample wide-scale area map


sample local area map

Time card sent to cell phone or desktop


sample Time Card Report #1t


sample Time Card Report #2t

Text reports sent to cell phone or desktop


sample Text Report
 (cell phone version #1)


sample Text Report
 (cell phone version #2)

Comma Delimiter data report


sample spreadsheet Report

Tracknology Documents


sample Service Agreement

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Why is Tracknology the right choice as  my GPS tracking service provider?

Here is a few of the   ways that you will benefit:

  • very competitively priced
  • No expensive installations or custom equipment needed
  • Portable, can be carried in your shirt pocket.
  • Multiple service plans available, one should be right for you.
  • Does not require changes to your network security.
  • Excellent time card and mobile employee tracking capability.
  • Built in mileage reporting.
  • Permanent historical file, that you can access with popular tools.
  • Minimum Nextel requirements, no need for static IP address.
  • Reliable, with “store and forward” capability built in.
  • Uses tools you already have, your Nextel phone, your PC, your web connection, and your MS MapPoint software.
  • Built-in reporting capability you can use with as many desktops as desired.
  • Optional Driving Instructions
  • Worldwide Service available
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Tracknology Overview


Tracknology Service Plans

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